What Should Indians Know before Travelling to Kuwait?


Kuwait is one of the safest places for travellers, but still if you are planning your first trip from India to Kuwait, there are some things you should stay aware of here. Here’s what you should know before you travel to this point of entry to the Muslim world of mosques, souks, and the warm Arabian hospitality. Dress Conservatively When you are in Kuwait, it’s best to dress conservatively. So, plan accordingly and pack clothes. Most Kuwaitis wear the traditional attire, which is a long black cloak called Abaya for…

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Kuwait Visa for Indians


All Information Regarding the What, How and When of Kuwait Visa The State of Kuwait is very small in size, but despite that, it outshines on the world map for having one of the richest oil deposits in the world. The government of Kuwait is now also focusing on the start-ups and other business prospects as the entrepreneurial spirit is already there. If any other national wants to go to Kuwait for work or pleasure, he needs a Visa. Only the citizens of GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council), which includes UAE,…

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4 Not-to-Miss Tourist Places in Kuwait


Kuwait is such a blissful place where the ancient culture and modernization go hand in hand. The place is inundated with deep-rooted history and the Kuwaitis take pride in it. They value their culture and traditions and take good care of all those things that remind them of their rich heritage. It is a prosperous land that is colourful, traditional and also cosmopolitan. For anyone who visits Kuwait, there is so much to do. The best tourist spots in Kuwait fall in both the categories. There are spots for people…

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